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With robotaxis, Mobileye zags where others zig

In pursuing a technological achievement often compared to putting men on the moon, Mobileye and its parent, Intel Corp., have largely decided to go it alone. There's a reason for that.

Workers relearn familiar jobs as plants reopen with new protocols

Restarting the engines of the North American auto industry after a wholesale two-month shutdown involved a few hiccups and a lot of relearning the jobs workers had been doing for years.


Fuel cell truck startup Nikola has merged into publicly traded status and plans to introduce an electric pickup.


Despite reporting that it performed better than expected in the first quarter, ride-hailing company Lyft has hit some major setbacks as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Intel and Mobileye

Intel and its Mobileye subsidiary are charting a course to their long-term goals without so much as a shrug toward short-term disruptions.