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Tesla slumps as investors despair

Investors are losing confidence as U.S. subsidies wane for its pricey electric vehicles and more rivals begin to flood the market.

The secret to Constellium's success? Billions of beer cans

The Dutch aluminum giant Constellium wanted to get serious about the U.S. auto market, so it bought a plant that makes aluminum for beer cans.

In U.S.-China fight, fortune may favor bold

President Donald Trump's escalating trade war with China has one automaker based in the world's largest country pumping the brakes.

How rising depreciation will affect the used-vehicle market

Last year's depreciation rates were relatively low thanks to several factors that simply can't last forever. The rate is expected to grow this year, which will affect the used-vehicle market.

GM defense unit gets new leaders, stays quiet on plans

GM has remained in stealth mode a year and a half after re-establishing its defense unit. What is known is that the new leadership team will be responsible for launching several hydrogen fuel cell-powered products.