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Restyled 2019 Honda Insight's looks touted in new ad campaign

"Fight Mehdiocrity" touts the Insight as a good-looking alternative to other hybrids.

Trump to seek repeal of California's smog-fighting power, report says

The Trump administration will seek to revoke California's authority to regulate automobile emissions -- including its mandate for electric car sales -- in a proposed revision of Obama-era standards, three people familiar with the plan told Bloomberg.

Auto industry warns government that tariffs will stifle innovation

If a key aim of the Trump import tariffs is to make America the global hot spot for auto innovation, industry leaders say the administration is going about it in a strange way.

Tesla asks suppliers for refunds to help profit, Wall Street Journal report says

Tesla, whose eroding cash position has alarmed investors, requested a "meaningful" amount of payments made since 2016 to be returned, according to a memo obtained by the Wall Street Journal.

Marchionne's successor has just days to get ready for investor scrutiny

Mike Manley has just days to prepare for Fiat Chrysler's quarterly results presentation, an event investors will use to size up the company's new CEO and assess his plan to fill the shoes of Sergio Marchionne.